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New Discovered 2 or 3 day trek POE-KAREN Tribe trek

New Hill Tribe Trekking


Starting September 2015 come join us for a 2 to 3 day trek to explore.and discover the hidden Poe-Karen tribe community who rarely sees any tourists.

We the Pooh Eco-Trekking team never participate or endorse elephant rides, harmful bathing,or any commercialized bamboo rafting.

(Operating in Chiangmai since 1999)

We have discovered a forgotten tribe community 150 km south of Chiang Mai.Come spend one or two night’s adventure getting to know the ways of the Karen people.You will get to experience first hand their daily ways of life as you stay,cook,and eat with a host family.Take a chance to get away from commercializes shops and the hectic scenes of the city as you follow and learn from our native Karen trekking guide with over 20 years of experience.

If you are ready to leave the world and your soft bed behind for a few days, and don’t mind a night’s sleep on the bamboo floors of a Karen tribe home,then come see our breathtaking jungle forest.On a beautiful misty morning you’ll be greeted by the sound of hundreds of roosters as you watch the tribal people wake and go about their daily lives.The beauty and simplicity of native life still goes on behind and beyond the touch of the frenzy of the modern world.If you are looking for a eco-responsible trek that will open your eyes to the lives and homes of a buautiful and friendly native people,then you’ve found it ! Come see for yourself,you won’t be disappointed.

We start early morning at 06.30 am. Be prepared to hike 4-6 hours per day through dense forest and jungle.The trek will end with a long-tail boat excursion along the world’s ninth largest dam. The scenery is unforgettable and you’ll get to see the local fishermans’floating huts.We arrive back at chiangmai around 06.30pm.

What we provide : English speaking guide, all meals,transportation,rucksack,sleeping bag,safe deposit for you luggage/valuables,and medical insurance of B50,000.

For more details please contact us upstairs.We operate our own trekking program And do not allow commission sales from travel Agents.Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures,Kill nothing but time.

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Guest House Services

         What to Bring on a Trek:

  • A positive attitude!
  • 2 T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of short pants
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • A swimsuit
  • Long-sleeved shirt and long pants (for evening wear)
  • Walking shoes and sandals
  • A towel
  • A raincoat (June/ July & August)
  • Personal toiletries, including toilet paper
  • For those travelers that wish to participate in Jungle cooking, please bring a cooking knife to share in traditional Karen food preparation
  • A flashlight
  • Personal first-aid kit (plasters, etc.)
  • Any prescribed medication you require like an asthma inhaler or other meds.
  • Advice hiking shoes or trainer shoes,good sanders

         What We Provide:

  • English-speaking guide
  • Transportation
  • A small rucksack
  • A sleeping bag
  • Safe deposit for valuables
  • Safe storage for luggage
  • Medical insurance up to 50,000 Thai baht
  • All meals from first day breakfast to last day lunch
  • Tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Air mattress for rent 200 Thai baht per person
Price 2 Days

    Price depends on the group size

     2 people costs 7,360B per person

    3 people costs 5,660B per person

    4 people costs 4,260B per person

    5-7 people costs 3,760B per person

    ( Price updated on March 3 2017 )

Price 3 Days

    Price depends on the group size

    2 people costs 8,060B per person

    3-4 people costs 6,060B per person

    5-7 people costs 5,360B per person

    ( Price updated on March 3 2017 )

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-- We operate our own trekking program and do not allow commissioned sales from Travel Agents --​

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