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Nature Trek

Nature Trek Present !
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1-day Eco-Trek in Doi Innthanon National Park area
  • Our one day eco-trek to the Doi Innthanon National Park area is a nature lover’s delight.
  • Doi Innthanon National Park is known as the roof of Thailand, because it includes not only the highest mountain in Thailand, but several smaller mountain ranges too. The park covers a 48,240 hectare range of land and sits 2,565 meters above sea level. It experiences both cold weather and high humidity throughout the year, particularly at the higher altitude level.
  • Nature’s wonders are abundant in the National Park with many species of plant life, especially the vanda orchid, phycastylis and rhododendron. Different elevations provide for various climate conditions that suit abundant flora and fauna. Bird watching is also popular here in an area that boasts 362 different species of bird life.
        Trip Itinerary:
  • 7:30 am: Depart from Chiang Mai to Doi Innthanon National Park.
  • The national park is located 66 km southwest of Chiang Mai and covers an area of 40 km.
  • The day includes 4-5 hours of nature trekking through the national park, exploring the changing vistas, bird and plant life.
  • A hike through dense forest and jungle, including a mini waterfall along the way, is a popular part of this eco-trek.
  • As part of this complete day, we also visit both Meo and Karen tribe people to learn about hill tribe communities in the local area.
  • Arrive back in Chiang Mai at approx. 6:30 pm.
        What to Bring:
  • A positive attitude!
  • Swimming costume / trunks
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Walking shoes and sandals
  • A raincoat (June, July & August)
  • Small personal toiletries, including toilet paper
  • Allergy medication
        What We Provide:
  • English-speaking guide
  • Transportation
  • Lunch


2 people costs 2,280B per person
3-4 people costs 1,880B per person
5 people costs 1,480B per person
6-7 people costs 1,380B per person

( Price updated on November 15 2018 )

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