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Quality speaks volumes

Pooh Eco-Trekking has been operating for a little under 20 years, with Pooh managing the front office, occasionally leading a trek himself, and working with an experienced group of English-speaking trekking guides.

Our trekking guides are all cool guys, speak excellent English and are used to welcoming customers from as far away as France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada and the U.K.

We have received rave reviews from our customers over the years. In fact, we have whole albums of hand-written thank you messages from happy travelers. We have included a tiny sample below for you to see; customer reviews we received this year, but also a sample of ones as far back as 1995. Like we said, we have been doing this a long time and when it comes to eco tourism and eco trekking, we know our business!

Lastly, we have received positive reviews and inclusion in various Thailand travel guides from The Natural Guide, in France, Stefan Loose Thailand publication, in Germany, and a positive article in the February 2010 edition of La nuova ecologia, in Italy.

Our trekking guides.
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