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 :  14/09/17


 :   14:23:10

Name  : M.Tech admission
Email  : argacademyggn@gmail.com
 :: http://www.argacademy.com/


   Over the first two semesters, M. Tech admission is required to do a substantial amount of course work to complement their undergraduate or masters level education. The third semester is devoted mostly to M. Tech projects, although there are some courses to be taken during that period. The fourth semester is fully devoted to completion of the project. The curriculum has been designed to provide all students with a general background in Biomedical engineering followed by more specific knowledge in an area of choice. The former is achieved though core (for everyone) and compulsory (for students with particular background) courses in the first semester. Electives taken during the second and third semester provide specialized knowledge in the area of individual interest. Click here: http://www.argacademy.com/

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